Almost 1 million pageviews

As of midnight on 31st December 2009, Sciencebase had served 934 176 pages to visitors in that month alone, just shy of a nice round 1 million. Thank you all for joining us during that time.

UPDATE: 2014-06-30 There were months over the years since July 1999 when I first established from the original Elemental Discoveries webzine/blog started in 1995, where we also had close to 1 million visitors per month, but as far as I can tell that was the peak: December 2009. The site is still very much active though, as I hope you realise, and it must takes one video, one post, one update to catch the zeitgeist and go viral and it may well break through the 1 000 000. So, subscribe to the feed, add us to Feedly, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, circle us on Google+ etc and stay ahead of the crowd!

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