Tips for clearing snow and ice

Tips for clearing snow and ice

It is perfectly legal to remove snow and ice from outside your property, pathways and public spaces as long as you do it considerately. In some parts of the world, it is illegal not to!

Start early – much easier to clear fresh, loose snow

Don’t use hot water – it melts the snow, but replaces it with black ice

Use table salt, rock salt, ash or sand to prevent ice forming but avoid spreading it on plants or grass

Be a good neighbour and help anyone that may not be able to clear snow and ice from their own pathways

If shovelling snow:

Think about where you will put the snow so you don’t block paths or drainage channels

Use a wide shovel

Make a line down the middle of your path first, so you have a safe surface to walk on – then shovel the snow from the centre to the sides

Use the sun to your advantage by removing the top layer of snow so sun melts any ice underneath