Sciencebase Twitter archive

UPDATED: As far as I know everyone on Twitter can now download an archive of all their twitter activity, there are a few neat things you can do with the data once you’ve got it. For instance, you could upload it all to your website (or your Google Drive) make it public and searchable as I have done

So, here’s all my tweets dating back to when I first signed up in June 2007 and available for your delectation. A mere 32,000 tweets at the time of writing. By using using the unconverted root file “index.html” from your archive and the attendant CSS files etc you effectively get a browsable web site of your Twitter archive.

Once you’ve upload all the files and checked it’s working you might like to learn that by copying and hooking up a special Google Docs spreadsheet and following the instructions therein you can make the archive folder active so that it stays up to date with all your new tweets. Thanks to this site for the spreadsheet and instructions. The how-to for using your Google Drive as a web hosting platform not just for your twitter archive is described here.

Currently, I am hosting my twitter archive on my website rather than Google Drive, I am sure there’s a way to use the drive or perhaps DropBox to periodically download my archive and automatically sync the CSV file from it to my server, but for now I’ll do that manually.