Tim Minchin – philosopher

Ooh get him in his robes and mortar board…no, I mean it, “get” him, ignore the robes and mortar board, ignore the long hair if that’s not your thing. But, give his philosophy a listen to, all the way through…I perhaps do his speech an injustice quoting so briefly from it, do take the time. Tim is witty, insightful, hopeful…romantic…

“Searching for meaning in life is like looking for a rhyme scheme in a cook book, you won’t find it and it’ll bugger up your soufflé…I think it’s absurd seeking meaning in the set of circumstances that just happen to exist after 13.8 billion years worth of unguided events…here’s my idea of romance: you will soon be dead. Life will sometimes seem tough and gawd it’s tiring and sometimes you will be happy and sometimes you’ll be sad and then you’ll be old and then you’ll be dead. There is only one sensible thing to do when faced with this empty existence and that is to fill it…with learning, sharing, compassion, running, love and travel and wine and sex…and arts and kids and giving and mountain climbing…”

Go on, take Tim’s advice: climb a mountain!