Manga cartoon boost for young females in STEM

Ana Verissimo of the University of Leicester is mashing up her love of Japanese art with a passion for science with the launch of a new series of manga characters.

‘STEM Heroes’ follows the adventures of four high school girls using their amazing STEM skills – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – in order to solve mysteries and save the day. Verissimo has tested the characters on pupils at a high school in Japan with positive results.

“So far, the reaction has been very positive, the girls love the characters’ looks and individual skills. Mari loves biology and genetics (and cake!), Jun is passionate about maths and physics, Miki is a little engineer and Yui is a computer genius,” says Verissimo. “Despite being mega smart, they are just like everyone else, a bit shy, a bit clumsy, a bit grumpy, a bit silly. I think those traits make them relatable and lovable.”