2020 hindsight

It’s been a funny old year so far, has 2020. I had all sorts of plans, as did everyone else, I assume, the majority of which have been scuppered by the emergence of a lethal coronavirus. From the disadvantage point of lockdown and limits to our outdoor activities from March onwards, the opportunities for photographing animals, landscapes, and life were, to say the least, limited.

That said, on those daily allowed exercise outings I generally took a camera with me, they never said you couldn’t do that, as long as you carried on washing your hands frequently and avoided getting any closer than two metres to anyone you met while you were outside. I also carried on mothing and that provided some photographic input too. Lots more nature, birds, Lepidoptera, wildflowers, pondlife, and more on the Sciencebase Instagram. But, here are a few samples from the lockdown period.

Tyne Valley Bullfinch – March 2020
Wilburton Kingfisher – April 2020
Two of the six frogs in our garden pond – May 2020
Our beloved pooch, in a dog tent RSPB Snettisham – June 2020
Small Skipper butterfly in flight, Cottenham – June 2020
Fulmar, Hunstanton – July 2020
Ospreys at Rutland Water – August 2020
Dark Crimson Underwing moth – August 2020
Gyspy Moth – August 2020
Silver-washed Fritillary, Hayley Wood – July 2020
Pyramidal Orchid, Cottenham – June 2020
Longhorn moths
Rare Spreading Hedge-parsley, Cottenham – July 2020


Red-footed Falcon, RSPB Fen Drayton, June 2020

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