I have worked in science communication for more than three decades, starting out as an editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry in 1989 and building a freelance career as a science writer for the likes of New Scientist, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, American Scientist, Popular Science, The Scientist, NatureScience, and countless trade magazines. By 1995, I'd launched what was probably the first chemistry news website and worked with various organisations over the years to launch and write some of the earliest science news websites. I continue to write about research for a small group of specialist outlets. Here is a list of past and present magazines, newspapers, and websites for whom I've written over the years. My first solo book, Deceived Wisdom, was published by Elliott & Thompson.

bob投注平台  and bob体育赞助阿森纳  take up much of my spare time. I have also recently dabbled in short story fiction.