A pre-festive warning

I know some of you will be starting to think about Christmas already…don’t worry, that’s fine. I’ve got a little sing-along-a-Dave treat coming up for you with which you can begin the “celebrations”. I might even accept gifts this year, as long as they’re of the 40% distilled C2H5OH-H2O flavoured azeotrope variety, preferably from Northern Ireland rather than Scotland.

Anyway, if you are starting preparations early (it’s 15th November folks, no need to rush), here’s a little festive warning you can cut out and pin to your noticeboard or stick to your fridge with that Xmas pudding fridge magnet you got in your stocking in 1997, you know the one that falls off when you try to stick anything heavier than a dead fly’s wing with it…


You can get 12-armed snow crystals that are essential a double 6 with a twist and triangular crystals are like compressed hexagons. If I remember, rightly it’s all in Deceived Wisdom where I quote from the main man in this area http://www.its.caltech.edu/~atomic/snowcrystals/class/class.htm

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