A QR code for emergencies

Lifesquare is offering users in Marin County, California, a simple way to embed their essential health information, blood group, GP’s name and address, next of kin, medications, allergies, pre-existing conditions, etc into a QR code that emergency responders could scan at the scene of an incident or accident to ensure they don’t dose you up with any meds you shouldn’t have.

I assume you’re meant to print it off and put it in your wallet or purse, but you could have the QR code tattooed on to the back of your hand, forehead or some other prominent place. No, seriously, is the modern equivalent of the SOS Talisman from off of 1970s TV.

To be honest, you could set this up to point to a page on your website or a hosted page (in your DropBox folder or elsewhere) with your health details without using Lifesquare and particularly if you’re not in Marin County. There are countless QR code generators out there. You could also include your organ donor status in your QR code as well as information on any special wishes you have regarding your treatment should you not regain consciousness after an incident.

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