A drug addict’s Facebook timeline

In what Mashable calls “a creative social media campaign”, media agency McCann Digital Israel has exploited the Facebook Timeline feature to promote the Israel Anti-Drug Authority. It uses the split-screen layout to create two views of a year in the life of fictional addict/non-addict, Adam Barak, to show the course of events and how either being an addict or not, as the case may be changes him over the year.

Facebook timeline addicts. Mashable’s post linked to the page, but it looks like that’s been killed, possibly because there is a genuine Adam Barak on Facebook who seems to post nothing but his daily horoscope and little else on his wall. Also rather unfortunate, although perhaps deliberate is that they gave their character the surname Barak. Not quite Barack…but wtf anyway?

Nevertheless, you can watch Adam Barak’s Timeline unfold via this Youtube clip:

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