Agony agonists and cancer combatants

Chemweb logoIn chemistry news this week, The Alchemist learns about slow-release drug formulations that prevent drug abuse, the risks of war associated with using depleted uranium in munitions and armour plating, and the analytical benefits of red wine that could turn up on labels to guide consumers to the most healthful Chianti or Zindanfel.

Also, this week, a well to wheel analysis reveals that hybrid cars are not as green as you would think and that converting natural gas to hydrogen for use in fuel cells could be the best environmental option for transport. Finally, web-savvy chemists using the Firefox browser have a new tool available to them that offers inline entries from blogs while they read ACS, RSC, Wiley, and other journal tables of contents.

This week’s grant goes to Bassam Shakhashiri for pioneering work in engaging the public with science and for helping to rebuild education programs after decimation by Reagan funding cuts in the 1980s.

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