Alcohol effects, giant testicles, pennycress

  • An alcoholic FAQ – Aspirin and other drugs prevent the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase (found in the stomach and liver) from breaking down alcohol, thus slowing the liver’s ability to metabolise alcohol and so it accumulates in your blood faster and has longer-lasting effects, which means you get drunk faster and say drunk longer, but you will have an almighty hangover too (one that aspirin will not cure)
  • The biggest balls of all – The largest testicles by mass as a proportion of body mass are those of the bush cricket. According to behavioural ecologist Karim Vahed who has presumably had a good look, the tuberous bush cricket has testes accounting for 14% of its body mass.
  • Making pennycress pay its way – I’d never heard of this weed until today, but apparently, pennycress may have the potential to quell the food versus fuel debate. If initial findings prove true, it could become a biodiesel feedstock that doesn’t compete with corn and soybeans for acres. Field pennycress may be a new crop in development, but it’s an old weed. Thlaspi arvense is a winter annual weed known by farmers under several names—field pennycress, stinkweed, frenchweed—that grows widely across the Midwest. It isn’t considered a big weed problem because it completes its life cycle in late spring and doesn’t compete with newly planted corn or soybeans.
  • Benefits of statins explored – Among high-risk patients, lowering LDL cholesterol with high dose statin therapy reduces the risk of adverse outcomes such as heart attack and stroke more than standard statin treatment.
  • For those interested in alcohol rehabilitation, this is a site worth a look –

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