All-natural human ingredients

UPDATE: Average body fat is a lot higher in most people and I should’ve cited calcium separately from its inclusion in hydroxyapatite. So graphic updated. It doesn’t really affect the ingredients list, but our body mass also comprises 1-3% bacteria, but they’re just proteins, fats, sugars, minerals and much of the other stuff I listed below anyway ;-)

Recently, a clever wag listed the ingredients for all-natural bananas, blueberries and eggs, you’ll have no doubt seen the cute graphics that did the rounds of the blogosphere. Anyway, obvious next step was to list the human body by ingredient, I suspect someone else may well have done this before (certainly there are star-stuff elemental breakdowns, but ingredients lists are usually at the molecular, as opposed to the atomic, level. So here’s my take, one for wannabe Hannibal Lecters:


The recent idea – egg, banana, blueberries – was featured on io9 and elsewhere.

As Laura Merritt pointed out to me on Twitter, Hannibal should also take note that brains are very high fat…maybe I should do an organ by organ breakdown of the protein, fat, sugar content. She also points out that very few of us are “free range” these days, what with all the titanium hip replacements, silicone implants, mercury amalgam dental fillings etc…lots of additives.

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