Antibodies Online

antibodies-online launched in April 2006 and calls itself the marketplace for research antibodies providing scientists in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with invaluable assistance in finding antibodies quickly and easily, a task that was once very time-consuming when predominantly paper-based catalogues were the only resource for searching available.

The company also acts as a kind of immunological broker allowing antibody distributors and producers to ply their trade online at low costs and no risks. The reason I mentioned it on is that the their site provides access to information on some 60,000 antibodies in a database, with that number growing every day. Such a resource could prove invaluable to many researchers working in silico let alone in vitro and in vivo. claims to be one of the largest vendor-independent platform for research antibodies in that region and plans to increase its product portfolio to more than 100,000 antibodies by Spring 2008, which could make it an even more useful resource.

Author: bob投注平台

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