Argumentative goldfinches

At one time, garden feeders would be swamped by Greenfinches (as well as the usual House Sparrows and Starlings). You might see a few Blue Tits and Great Tits too, and Nuthatches, and more besides. Next weekend (27-29th January 2018) it’s the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, a national survey of our feathered friends. Recent stats suggest that Goldfinches have become the more common sight on feeders in recent years and I’d agree with that in our garden, at least. It will be interesting to see how they add up this year.

Meanwhile, I’ve photographed and now videoed a flock of Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) that spend their mornings on our nijer seed feeder, arguing about who gets to sit on one of the four perches on the feeder. There are probably 8 or 9 Goldfinches in the garden at any one time, so obviously not enough perches. Their aggression and arguments are quite amusing, take a look at this short video clip I recorded on the morning of 17th Jan 2018.

There’s a Youtube version of Argumentative Goldfinches here if you prefer.

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