Awards, PTs, and green phones

  • Awards – Research Blogging – Winners and finalists in the Research Blogging Awards 2010 announced today!
  • A Clever Periodic Table from Sciencebase | Genome Alberta Education – It's official. My periodic table of science bloggers is clever, even if it maybe didn't include enough Canadians.
  • Go Green! Use the Internet on your mobile phone – Nokia claims updating Facebook from your mobile phone uses just 1% of the energy needed to do the same thing on a desktop PC. (Of course, that doesn't take into account the wireless infrastructure and cell network power demands, I'm sure).
  • Periodic Table of Science Bloggers on Universe Today – Proud to see that Universe Today featured my PT of science bloggers. I created it on the morning of March 19, and by afternoon of March 20 there were just four elements waiting to be filled by bloggers.
  • Science blogging – Why you, as a scientist, shoud be part of the future of science communication…

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