Basic Chemistry Resources

Intute provides links and tutorials for educators and researchers in a wide range of disciplines. Part of their efforts involves hosting bob投注平台 ’s monthly Spotlight column in the sciences section. The organisation also publishes a range of booklets that provide fast and direct access to a stack of useful resources.

The 12-page chemistry booklet is now available in HTML and PDF formats for access online, with live and updating links. The page comes out of the MyIntute system which means it gets updated when information about a site is changed in the Intute database, although no new sites will be added to the booklet, the Intute database provides additional access to the latest resources.

  • Bibliographic databases
  • Data collections and databanks
  • Journals
  • E-prints
  • Web directories
  • Professional societies, institutes and associations
  • Mailing lists
  • Educational resources
  • Chemical nomenclature

You can access all of the above via the intute chemistry booklet, online now.

Author: bob投注平台

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