Beam me up for Christmas

Calling Trekkies and ubernerds everywhere…fancy an exact replica of the original Star Trek communicator just 50 years after the show launched and hopefully in time for Christmas. The Wand Company who first brought you a universal remote control Harry Potter wand and a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver to change channels (oh, and a phaser!) have now surpassed even the hypergeek’s wildest dreams with a Communicator that couples to your Bluetooth phone and lets you receive calls and make calls using voice dialling with a compatible phone .


Perfect for ultra-realistic cosplay events. The Communicator was created from high-res 3D scans of the last known prop from the show. It pairs with Bluetooth phones, flips open to let you answer calls from Scottie or anyone else. Has a 1 million kilometre range when communicating with the starship Enterprise (available from 2260, hopefully) but can reach almost any phone on planet Earth via coupling to a smart phone (coupling works at < 5-metre range), up to an estimated 20000 km range. It features die-cast zinc, CNC machined aluminium, iridescent coated jewels and contactless charging. It also has 20 authentic voice clips and Original Series Communicator sound FX.Comes with a moulded foam lined transit case and leatherette pouch (whether the latter is warm or otherwise is down to you).In the US, you can get a Communicator from Best Buy,,, Hammacher Schlemmer or In the UK, it's available from, or Forbidden Planet. For Australia, it's Latest Buy or Yellow Octopus and in New Zealand: Mighty Ape.

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