Science Blogs, Favourites of 2007

Science OPML

In an effort to keep Sciencebase bubbling along during the holiday season, I figured a quickie post listing some of my favourite science blogs from this year might be interesting. Blogs come and go, of course, and my newsreader account is in constant flux with new blogs that catch my attention briefly getting pole position and then dropping off.

However, I remembered that there is a quicker way for you to grab a recent snapshot of my feed favourites and that is with my newsfeed OPML file (right-click and save the link with an “.opml” extension. You can then import it into any compatible news aggregator, offline (Snarfer) or online (Google Reader) with minimal fuss. Or use an OPML editor to edit it, it’s entirely up to you. My science OPML file is up to date, relatively speaking, although I may have added or removed a few feeds from my own aggregator in the last few days. Anyway, it’s as good as it gets at this time of year.

Meanwhile, a growing list of blogs with a genetics, DNA, and health theme can be found on the DNA Network. At the time of writing, my good friends Ricardo Vidal and Hsien-Hsien Lei are busy creating a new website for the Network that will feed on all the RSS files from the member blogs (I should admit, Sciencebase is a member of the Network). It’s difficult to single out any of the other blogs in the DNANetwork for specific attention, Ricardo and Hsien’s are superb, and so are many of the others. So. once you’ve trawled through my science OPML, do check out the DNA Network too.

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