Biology with Firefox

Firefox-using molecular biologist kinda person? Then, you should check out BioFox (thanks for Bertalan Meskó of ScienceRoll for the tip off).

Code bioFOX integrates various bioinformatics tools into the Firefox web browser, allowing users to analyse genes without all the hassle of retrieving data from NCBI or Swiss-Prot and can then manipulate the information via various tasks including: Translation of a nucleotide sequence, blast search (For eg. blastn, blastp etc.) of the desired nucleotide/protein sequence, calculation of properties (like PI, charge, molecular weight, AT/GC content etc.) of a protein/nucleotide sequence, conversion between formats (Genbank, Fasta, Swiss-Prot etc.), and prediction of sequence for sub-cellular localization (PREDOTAR, TargetP, pSORT etc).

Maybe chemical connector Tony Williams is reading this and thinking…How might a Firefox Plugin be used to provide chemists with similar levels of information manipulation and functionality via their databases, such as ChemSpider?

Author: bob投注平台

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