Blessed Release – a song

Blessed Release

You whispered to me just days in the past
It was the last time, now forever’s holding fast
I turn to music this moment cannot cease
But, I skipped a beat before the blessed release

The chords seemed faked, the melody obscure
There was give and take, but nothing too secure
Unchained, as they say, you’re free to find your peace
But for those left behind, there is no blessed release

Blessed release, it comes to us all
Obscure but unmoving
Our backs against the wall

Blessed release, the end of it all
No cure, no approval
You have to take the fall

I heard a sound, it was the sighing of the night
Cut through my breath, because the binding was so tight
There is a feeling, the growing mystery of that peace
I tried to write it down before the blessed release

For my late Mother

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