Blog plugin KCite excites research papers

I just discovered the KCite WordPress plugin from a team at my alma mater which lets you improve reference citations in your blog

Install and activate the plugin and surround any DOI or PMID number with the following tags: [cite][/cite] and the link becomes automagically active. A mouseover brings up the full citation instantly and a click or two takes you to the reference.

From the developers’ page: “The KCite plugin provides a means for referencing scholarly works in WordPress posts. The author includes a unique identifier for a publication in their post, and the plugin queries a web service to retrieve metadata about that publication. This metadata is then used to build a bibliography at the foot of the post, with in-place citations in the text referring to it.”

The team explains that their plugin uses the CrossRef API to retrieve metadata for Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and NCBI eUtils to retrieve metadata for PubMed Identifiers (PMIDs).

If you cite research papers in your WordPress blog, you might like to check it out at

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