BS for breakfast

It’s 8:40 am, I’m late to my desk, and although I’ve had a cuppa, I’m dithering about whether to have porridge or cornflakes to give me a sugar boost. But here’s a thought: the notion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day was created by Big Cereal, it’s a myth, nothing more than a publicity campaign to persuade us to buy fast food in cardboard boxes for breakfast.

There is no scientific evidence that eating breakfast makes you healthier, leaner, improves metabolism, reduces disease risk factors, improves BMI, burns more calories, or has any other benefit (other than it being food, and you need food). Manufactured cereals with their high sugar AND high salt content are not a good option anyway, they provide an instant sugar release like eating sweets, and don’t get me on energy/health bars and smoothies (obesity in a bottle)…

James Betts of Bath University, UK, had this to say about the (lack of) science back in 2016:

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