Bullying Greenfinches

Recently, I posted a video of argumentative Goldfinches. This species seems to be the more common sight on our garden bird feeders. There is a flock of about 12 that spend their time flitting about the environs, competing with the flock of House Sparrows that live here too. And, there are Tits (Great, Blue, and Coal), at least two Robins, a pair of Dunnocks, a couple of Blackbirds, Wood Pigeon, Collared Dove, peripatetic Starlings, and an escaped show pigeon (a noisy and leucistic specimen). We’ve even had a Redpoll that visited briefly.

One species that seemed to have become a little rarer recently is the Greenfinch, a species of which I’d not seen much in the last couple of years even on country walks. This year, however, there seem to be quite a few about and several took a fancy to one of our feeders.

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