Sciencebase grilled by students

UPDATE: 2012-02-13 It’s on again and this year I can offer a little advice on how to get a popular science book published if any students are interested in hearing my thoughts on that.

Once again, I’ll be attending the annual media careers event at Cambridge University, where students and alumni get a chance to chat with members of the media about careers in journalism, broadcasting, film, publishing, science communication, media law and media management.

The previous event attracted around 328 students (from first-year undergraduates to final-year PhDs and alumni) and there were 50 employers/professional bodies/course providers/individuals (including yours truly) who talked about opportunities and experiences and answered specific questions (one-to-one) from students and alumni.

If you’re up in Cambridge on 13th February (18:00 to 20:30), come along and have a chat; I should be there for the whole evening. I’ve been in science communication for almost 25 years, initially as a technical editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry, and have written as a freelance science journalist for New Scientist, Science, Nature, The Telegraph, Guardian, Economist, Focus, BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, Popular Science, American Scientist and many other publications and organisations. Hopefully can offer a few words of, if not wisdom, then at least how not to do it!

You can register for the event and get more details here: Cambridge Careers Media Event and here. Cambridge students/alumni only.

If you’re attending, or even if you’re not, I have a list of links useful to science writers and others.

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