Cats, The Matrix, and Acid Drops

copper-alchemistThe Alchemist learns of a scalable cat this week as well as how the matrix is all important when it comes to identifying metabolites in a single drop of blood.

A small follow-up trial for prostate drug abiraterone demonstrates quality of life improvements in patients with the aggressive form of the disease, the same drug might also be used in treating breast cancer.

German researchers “working at close to absolute zero” have formulated the smallest drop of hydrochloric acid, showing that four water molecules and one HCl are all that is needed.

In physical science the giant intrinsic electroresistance has been demonstrated in a conventional ferroelectric film for the first time and could herald the development of a new high-density type of computer memory. It’s the electrical equivalent of giant magnetoresistance exploited in modern high-density hard drives.

Finally, technical achievement in founding modern near infrared chemical imaging systems leads to an award for Malvern Instruments’ Technical Director E Neil Lewis.

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