Chemical Crocodile Clips

I hate having to download standalone video players to enable playback of video content. Google Videos/Youtube are both guilty, although obviously you can view online, but then you have to have an internet connection to do that unless you save the file to your hard drive and download the player…

Crocodile Clips provides simple simulation software and, you’ve guessed it, they have their own proprietary player. But, I can excuse them, because their player is not a simple video rendering application but a simulator that allows educators and students alike to work with data and generate simulations of a whole range of processes from titration to animation. For users, the chemistry simulations and tutorials will probably be of most interest.

With the snappy Crocodile Chemistry, you get a simulated chemistry laboratory where you can model experiments and reactions, without all the hassle of fume cupboards and safety goggles. Drag chemicals, equipment and glassware from the toolbars at the side of the screen, and combine them as you wish. Choose whatever quantities and concentrations you like: reactions are modelled accurately as soon as you mix the chemicals. Plot graphs to analyse data from your experiment, and view mechanisms using 3D animations.

Moreover, if you really cannot face downloading yet another applet for viewing something, then they also have a section on pre-simulated videos ready for showing that are targeted at training potential users, but only if you’re online and only in their proprietary video format.

Author: bob投注平台

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