Chemical science, night sky, scientific trust

Delicious links March 16-18

  • Chemical Science – Building linear polymers from monomers, inaugural paper in RSC's new journal
  • Bing maps now let you scan the nighttime sky – The stars are coming out tonight…even when it's cloudy
  • Sex and social networking – Patterns of prostitution revealed by analysis of social networking site has important implications for spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • 7 steps to restore trust in science – Every journey begins with a single step, here's the seventh to restoring public trust in science
  • Malevolent Design: The Death of a Loving God – Never before has a book so aggressively levelled the charge that a creator deity, if it were to exist, would be completely and unimaginably evil. Darwin said it first when he talked about parasites, but think opium poppies, oral cancer, spina bifida, famine, malaria, ebola…where's the intelligence in any of that?
  • Breaking Bad – Every chemist's favourite TV show returns with a third series in March 2010 BrB -bromobismuth ?-)
  • science – Ten Word Wiki – Learning by prediction and observation instead of making sh*t up

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