Climate emails, MS trek, Gulf Stream safe

Latest science news snippets

  • Hacked climate emails – Hacked climate email inquiry clears Jones but questions remain
  • Trekking for multiple sclerosis – Wendy Booker (, is determined to change the face of MS. Her mission? Climb the Seven Summits—the highest mountains on each continent; making her the first person with an MS diagnosis to do so. Expectations are she’ll conquer Everest, at 29,000 feet (the last of the Seven Summits) this May — right around World MS Day.
  • The Gulf Stream ‘is not slowing down’ – The Himalaya, now the Gulf Stream are hot topics among climate change skeptics who assert that the climate models are once again throwing us a curve.
  • The Alchemist for March 23, 2010 – The Alchemist has an eclectic mix of news this week from a new recipe for rechargeable batteries that could keep mobile devices active for longer and make for longer-lived batteries to an ancient recipe for blue pots from the New Kingdom of Egypt. In analytical news we learn that moonshiners may have to scrap their stills thanks to a portable alcohol monitor that works better than FTIR, and supramolecular chemistry in polymer science is the strong link in the chain. In Europe, tension builds as the deadline for registering thousands of chemicals under REACH regulations fast approaches. Finally, no awards this week, but there is a trendy new iPhone app from the American Chemical Society.
  • Graphene – an oil exploration game-changer – The flow of water, steam, or certain gasses over surfaces coated with carbon nanotubes or graphene can generate small amounts of electricity. Researchers hope to explain this phenomenon and use their findings to create tiny self-powered devices that travel through naturally occurring cracks deep in the earth and can help uncover hidden pockets of oil and natural gas.

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