Computer code for children and politicians

We need some new computer code that interprets user input and assigns an appropriate tag to terse messages.

For instance, if one’s offspring respond to the suggestion that they assist with household chores and the response is “Yay!”, then the code would automatically enclose the message in <sarc> </sarc> tags so that no one would be in any doubt as to the true meaning of the enthusiasm. The tags would generate some kind of audiovisual signal to leave the reader in no doubt as to the sub-text.

Dad: "Right, let's get those dishes washed and dried, eh?"

Kid: <sarc>Yay!</sarc>

Something similar could be applied to everything politicians tweet:

Trunt: <lie>"I am bigly the most honest Amerkun president ever"</lie>

<sarc>Like, we need that to be able to determine whether he’s lying or not</sarc>

Other tags might include <serious></serious>, which could be abbreviated to <!sarc></!sarc> the exclamation mark, or “bang”, being a negator of a given command.

By the way, <!sarc>I am deadly serious</!sarc> about this…

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