Isles of Scilly – Birds, beer, and boats

I started a blog post about the Isles of Scilly (#IOS) while we were island hopping there in July 2018, I was originally going to call it “Cornwall on Steroids”. My muso mate Graham gave us some pointers on IOS and he calls it Cornwall Plus. I was going to half-inch his idea but misremembered it under the influence of turning tides and Tribute.

However, my phone’s autocorrect was quite enthusiastic and fixed my draft title to “Corneal Streisand”. So, here we are a roundup of the various posts I’ve written since we got home with a few of my snaps (the full public gallery is on Flickr and a select few on Instagram).

Birds on the Isles of Scilly – Does what it says on the label.

The Seventh Seal – short post and photos about the grey seals we saw on the Eastern Isles IOS.

The piratical bird called Bonxie – Spotted a Great Skua on a pelagic trip on the Sapphire out of Hugh Town, St Mary’s, IOS.

St Martin’s Daymark – The daytime “lighthouse” with no light on St Martin’s Island, IOS, visible from mainland Cornwall and originally erected in 1683.

Manks Puffins – The reason the scientific name for the Manx Shearwater is Puffinus puffinus and not the Puffin, which is Fratercula arctica.

Gulls just want to have pun – Hmmm…gull puns…

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