Currant affairs

Quick snap of one of the many weeds growing in our garden (backyard and frontyard). Of course, it’s not really a weed, because we want it to grow there. It’s a Ribes, which a neighbour tells us his mother-in-law used to describe as smelling of cat urine (not to me it doesn’t).

Anyway, the pink “glow” around the ribes blossom in this photo confused me when I first looked at the image on the camera’s display…I couldn’t work out why the flower was out of focus until I looked again and saw that there was another floret behind the sharp one. The effect is an artefact of the short depth of field (DoF); f/6.3 at 600mm zoom shot from about 4 metres. I retook the photo a couple of times afterwards in an effort to make it work with the other florets, but the original shot was the best one (almost always the case) and so this is the original, albeit cropped and post-processed a little.

The nice downward diagonal sweep of the leaves in the photo from top left to bottom right, was accidental too.

Meanwhile, just so you know this is a wild/ornamental redcurrant, a ribes species which also includes among their number the blackcurrant, redcurrant, white currant, gooseberry, and various decorative flowering shrubs. The word ribes is origin of the brand name for the blackcurrant drink “Ribena” from Ribes nigrum, (obviously).

Author: bob投注平台

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