Data Mining Prominent Scientists

Authoratory is a unique database that provided contact information, professional interests, social connections and funding for almost 300,000 leading scientists (The site quoted 289,943 as the actual figure, at the time of writing). So, what makes this database so unique? Well, The content is generated by data mining the millions of articles indexed by PubMed. Published papers are inspected and a personalized report built. You can hook out the most prominent expert in almost any field reported by PubMed and the site will tell you how many papers they published, their research affiliations collaborators, and list any NIH funding.

Researchers listed have to be US, UK or Canada based and have to have published at least three papers a year. 2,129,859 papers with almost 2,699,772 unique authors have been mined, the site claims, but only ten percent of those are considered worthy for inclusion in the Authoratory release.

I am sure someone adept at Yahoo Pipes could exploit this database in a mashup of chemistry papers and feeds and the Authoratory database. Mitch?

Author: bob投注平台

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