Dianne Stilwell RIP

Very sad to learn of the death of my good friend Dianne Stilwell. She was one of the first contacts I made when I was starting out as a science hack back in the early 90s. I met her at an ABSW event at the German Embassy when she was still working at the BioChem Soc and I was with the RSC. She always had time for a great chat and a laugh at conferences.

Her last Facebook update was to raise the issue of who on earth might be spending £2520 on a sequinned bra-let to wear over a knitted top. Something she’d seen mentioned in Elle magazine a week ago while sitting in her doctor’s waiting room. She described this piece of attire is resembling a loose bikini top and given that Elle suggested it was a conversation starter, she wondered whether or not she wanted to provoke such a conversation her self…hah!

She will be missed.

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