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DNA Network logoSciencebase was recently invited to join the excellent DNA Network and as such our genetics news feed is now being pulled by the network’s feed system. If I had been a little slower off the mark, I could have been site number twenty in the list, but when I joined I think I jumped in at #18. There are, at the time of writing, nineteen members, no DNAying it.

So, here is a quick random selection of fellow network members. The links will take you to the individual RSS feed for each site whereby you can subscribe (for free) and get some great and timely information on DNA and the latest happenings and business news in genetics and DNA research.

VentureBeat Life Sciences

Discovering Biology in a Digital World

DNA Direct Talk


The Daily Transcript

henry: the human evolution news relay (genetics)

Mary Meets Dolly

Genetics News

Microarray and Bioinformatics

Gene Sherpas: Personalized Medicine and You

The Personal Genome

All excellent newsfeeds, all focused on one thing, DNA. You can find links to the others, including Eye on DNA, the owner of which led me to the DNA Network in the first place, via DNA Network. I’ll do another round-up of the remaining members later.

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