Dopamine and Desire

We are all essentially addicted to dopamine…we seek out things that stimulate the release of this neurotransmitter in our brains, dopamine activity hooks into the pleasure and reward centres, it makes us feel good. Some things stimulate those centres more than others…but whatever your choice, it’s down to dopamine…

Dopamine & Desire

White sheets without emotion
Soaking up your fever
Watching from the corner of your eye

Floating round in circles
Your limbs as flailing cleavers
Thrashing with the torment in your eye

The pulse of failed addiction
Scratching at the ceiling
With the needles of desire

Tomorrow never knows what today would bring
The day before the aftermath
The eve of all the yesterday’s bitter sting

Words, music & production by dB
Vocal, guitars, bass, programming dB


Author: bob投注平台

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.