Environmental intuition on the web

Intute LogoIntute is the Science, Engineering and Technology component of a JISC project based out of England’s University of Manchester and the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. It offers a free online service with what it describes as the very best web resources for scientific research and education. Like the very best of the earliest web portals all entries are hand selected and evaluated, so there is a serious lack of spam (thank goodness).

Today, Intute announced a new, long-awaited environment wing, to join the SET sections. I thought it worth mentioning this latest development as I write the Spotlight column for the Intute site, which will mean greater coverage of environmental science and issues with the Bradley twist.

The environment section already contains more than 3000 records which scientific journals, lecture note resources, government publications, information on non-profit organisations, and other websites under headings including: Agriculture and the Environment, Biodiversity and Conservation, Climate and Environment, Energy and Resources, Environmental Economics, Environmental Law and Legislation, Environmental Management, Environmental Policy, Landscapes and Landscape Architecture, Pollution Science, and Waste Management.

According to an announcement from Intute: “Due to the nature of the subject area this section is likely to develop rapidly and may necessitate further changes to the headings. If you have an interest in this development you may like to follow the progress on the blog, new resources page, or by contacting the Content Coordinator for the section: jane.podmore-at–manchester.ac.uk or see the SET Blog

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