Everybody is nobody

Is it true? Rust never sleeps. Too many nightmares, too much existentialist angst…

HBO’s True Detective could become this year’s Breaking Bad, with the “action” set in Louisiana rather than New Mexico and infamous crystal meth makers Walter and Jesse substituted for two dour homocide detectives, philosophical and depressive alcoholic Rust Cohle (Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey, 44) and filandering senior partner Martin Hart (Dave Bradley lookalike [my sister says] Woody Harrelson, 52) hunting an apparently diabolistically inclined serial killer. Rust is never without his giant notebook, his sketchy pencil and his affinity for booze. Something else he is never without are the dark secrets of his past and his glass most definitely not even half full outlook:


He’s right, by the way, we are but star dust, human consciousness may well be some kind of evolutionary adaptation rather than an artefact, but we are rendered from meat, are self aware but for the blinking of an eye and the dust to which we return, though stellar in its origin, will suffer the ultimate entropic heat death of everything else in this vast, wondrous, yet godless, and unimaginable universe. I think therefore I am, yeah, so what? Despite outward appearances, True Detective is rather witty.

Author: bob投注平台

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