Facing up to Facebook

Facing up to Facebook

Sciencebase readers who scroll all the way down to the footer of any page on the site will most likely have spotted a clutch of new icons in a section I call Geeky Fun Stuff. I never thought of myself as an ubergeek until recently, but I guess it all adds up: big science fan, science degree, science writing as a career, fan of the more technical kinds of music, Rush, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, that kind of stuff, oh and the The Dickies (I jest), and running a blog with literally thousands, well not thousands, dozens of plugins, that you spend far too much time tweaking.

And, part of being an ubergeek is stepping out of denial and facing up to one’s Facebook presence, the installation of Scrabulous, South Park character creator, and of course, the creation of one’s own niche group (science writers, 167 members and growing, by the way).

Once you’re up on Facebook, there’s no reason not to have a Twitter and a Pownce account too, as well as providing readers with direct access to your StumbleUpon and del.icio.us pages (see the footer). But, of course, those of you who reached the footer already know all this. To top it all, I guess fessing up to ubergeekicity also involves giving bits of your blog odd names, such as Elemental Discoveries, and Geeky Bits.

It probably also involves including links to a collection of my subscribed feeds known as an OPML file, worrying about how many subscribers the site has, and spending inordinate amounts of time running a science podcast that’s available on iTunes but doesn’t involve me laying down my Geordie accent in an mp3.

So, if you’ve haven’t been down under on Sciencebase, now is your chance, there is lots happening at the foot of this page. Feel free to “friend” me via any of those icons of web 2.0 but only if you want a self-professed ubergeek in your virtual circle.

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