Fall Sky

It’s always quite intriguing where conversations on social media end up. I posted a photo on Facebook of the view from my office at sunset last week, the sky was quite vivid and red and it was a nice shot. One friend, music PR and singer Jo Forrest, whom I first met when we recorded together at Abbey Road Studios years back (as part of one of The Really Big Chorus, TRBC, events with Karl Jenkins) said she loved the colours and thought it would make a nice top.

I sent her the original photo and she had it made up by one of those sites that prints photos on to teeshirts, leggings, bedspreads, mugs, and wallclocks etc. Works well…maybe I should take more sunset photos, the Society6 lets you produce duvet covers, shower curtains, iphone covers, scatter cushions and much more besides…

sb-jo-forrestPhoto of Jo was taken by Adam Forrest.

“My mum says I’m a butterfly as I’m drawn to bright colours,” Jo tells me, “so when I saw this picture on Facebook last week instantly fell in love with it. That’s the way I tend to clothes shop too, this photo was perfect for a top and printed and delivered within a couple of days.”

Author: bob投注平台

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