F*cking news story

It’s not every day one receives a press release that drops the F-word, you know, the fourth component of the phrase Fight, Flight, Feed or…

But, this just in, according to Norwegian sexologist health psychologist, you’re apparently never too old to do what it is that the birds and the bees allegedly do. Bente Træen says “sixty is the new sexy” in an article of that title published in Universitas (Norway’s biggest student newspaper), the sensitive subjects of vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction get a mention in the strapline, but so does the notion that seniors know about the art of coitus. Well, yes they do, it’s not like our generation invented it, is it? But, later in the article the ligatured prof is quoted as saying:

You are never too old to f*ck

Now, if the image of your parents or grandparents making whoopie has now sprung into your head unannounced, tough luck! Bente points out that the younger generation’s issues with older folk having sex in the twilight of their years is a broader problem for society, medicine, nursing homes… “Older adults are perceived as asexual, but have the same need for sexual closeness as everyone else,” she told Universitas. She points out that Viagra (and presumably other erotically helpful products) are far too expensive for infamously cashstrapped pensioners and says it should be available on prescription.


She also says that widowed silver surfers are out in force these days on the internet dating sites. Youngsters often imagine that the net is just for them, but this is not the case. The Internet has made sex more accessible than ever, she says.

For the record, the prof will be 58 in October this year…

Thanks to Vanessa Spedding for highlighting this article in my Facebook feed.

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