Festival of the Spoken Nerd – Review

You can take it as read that when Festival of the Spoken Nerd comes to Cambridge for two sold out nights on their national tour, with a hashtag #JustForGraphs (sorry #JustForChartsPlotsDiagrams), there are going to be nergasms aplenty and the locus of the evening is going to follow an exponentially hilarious curve. And as guests of lead uke player, physicist and songstress Helen Arney, Mrs Sciencebase and myself had a right good laugh like,and we never once lost the plot.


Needless to say Mrs Sb bought me the teeshirt – the one that is a Venn diagram (or is it an Euler diagram?) exposing the underlying mathematics of an early Blur song, and I grabbed a copy of FOTSN’s last tour on digital versatile disc for Helen, Steve Mould and Matt Parker to sign after the show. Apparently, Matt signs in binary, but I’m afraid the queue to speak to him was asymptotic (or was it tangential?). Either way it was long, so I only got Helen and Steve to (in his words) deface my merch.


There are a scattering of dates left on the tour and there are presumably a few seats left to fill, but like I say they sold out two nights in Cambridge, so check their website for listings and don’t miss it! This is part peripatetic science festival, part full-on standup comedy and part (a very big part) ubergeekery of the highest order.



Author: bob投注平台

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.