Flash diffuser

I just made the least flash flash diffuser imaginable. I cut a hole in an old, plastic ostrich-burger box we have used to store Xmas tree baubles in for the last seventeen years and fitted it to the camera with a redundant ring flash adapter. I switched away from ringflash earlier this year as it’s simply not good enough for decent entomological macro shots.

Mimulus #PondLife
Viper’s Bugloss
Red Valerian
Ceanothus fruit
Yarrow flower buds

Anyway, been testing the ad hoc diffuser with some random macro shots of flowers in the garden – Mimulus (#PondLife), cornflower, wet poppy, red valerian, periwinkle, viper’s bugloss, yarrow buds, ceanothus fruit, and fading yellow wildflower…

It seems to work quite well…considering

The diffuser attached to the macro lens

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