4 tips for a healthy barbecue

The BBC weather team promise us a barbecue summer almost every year, and although we do get the occasional patch of warmth, it’s never quite as sunny and warm in the days and balmy and calm in the evenings as it is in the US or Australia where the BBQ expert is truly the culinary ruler in the summer months.

So, it’s no surprise that the American Chemical Society is offering tips on how to avoid some of the health pitfalls of barbecued food and revealing a little about the inner chemistry.

Fundamentally, there are four golden rules for a healthy and tasty barbecue, according to food chemist Sara Risch and author Shirley Corriher:

  • Don’t over-cook meat. Excessive browning or charring can produce cancer-causing chemicals, carcinogens.
  • Pre-boil fatty items such as ribs. It removes fat and reduces flaming, which will burn the meat.
  • Marinate meat before grilling for improved flavour and to cut down on flaming and burning.

There should be a fourth tip: don’t eat and drink to excess on barbecue days and don’t barbecue too often.

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