Future History

Time travellers with nothing better to do just sent me a GCSE history exam paper from the summer of 2066…makes for interesting and yet worrying reading…


GCSE History Paper 2 23rd June 2066

World War III (20 January 2017-21 January 2017)

Answer all questions in this section. You are advised to spend 90 minutes of the two-hour exam on question 3

Question 1 In what way did Jeremy Corbyn’s inadequacies as an opposition leader contribute to the succession of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister following Theresa May’s abduction for anal probing by aliens on Christmas Day 2016?

Question 2 Was Russia’s Vladimir Putin given the go ahead by US President-elect Donald Trump to annexe Lithuania on New Year’s Day 2017. Discuss in the light of the attached Wikileaks document from Ecuadorian premier Juliano Assangito.

Question 3 Lord Nige of Watney was not to blame for the rapid emergence of an alt-right (also known as the neo-Nazi movement) in the US, Australia and post-EU Europe during the autumn of 2016 despite the boasts of his House of Lords inauguration speech. Discuss.

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