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UPDATE: We’re extending the special offer. If you buy the hardback or Kindle version for yourself or as a gift, just email me a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase and I will let you have a DRM-free PDF version to use on whatever device you like.

If you buy a copy of the hardback edition of my new book Deceived Wisdom as a gift (it is the perfect stocking filler this year, after all), Sciencebase has a special offer for you. Scan your receipt, or do a screengrab of your online purchase page, as proof of purchase, and email it to me at (JPG file format please, max file size 1MB) and I’ll send you a copy of the DRM-free PDF version of the book for you to keep for yourself and read on your computer, tablet, phone or e-reader.

I will try to get your PDF copy to you within a couple of days, but please be patient as there might be a rush!

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