Give my love to the waves

Almost a decade ago, a small group of us established a local Arts Night where we’d share songs, poetry, and philosophize on the proverbial life, the universe, and everything..and eat too many biscuits and drink too much late-night caffeine. There were a lot of laughs and some serious sing-writing. We put on a few public performances in various places, members of the club came and went, but the Arts Night was also the birth place of my group C5 the band. Without those Arts Night, there would be no Clive-upon-Sea in the shape and form we know him today either.

I think the first Arts Night was April 2012 with a Simon, two Adrians, and a Dave, but by September of the next year, these old stalwarts had put together quite a few songs and been joined by various others – Andrea, Steph, Matt, Ray, Rog, Jo, Rich, another Jo, another Rog.

One of those songs was my land-locked lament to the sea…I believe this is the original electric demo recording I did for Arts Night that month, I’ve just put it on Soundcloud. The song developed lyrically and musically over the following weeks and I played it live several times solo and once or twice with an early incarnation of C5 in ensuing years. We even jammed a heavy rock version at one rehearsal at the suggestion of drummer Adam.

There are versions online where I dueted with our DJ daughter Beth and another with the Yorkshire Kate Bush, Emmazen

Give my love to the waves

Give my love to the waves
Send me home, on a wind that saves
If I ride the sea, or sail away
Will you carry me back, home again?

Give my time, to the pain
If I miss you, would you sail with me again?
Give my love, to the water
Then I can find my way back to where I ought to be

You will know me
Call me by name
Know how much I fear
It’s always the same

I’m floating in the wake of trouble.
I wish you wary on your way
Send my love to the waves,
get me out of this trouble,
or sail me to Hell all the way

Give my love, to the waves
Send me home, on a wind that saves

Floating in the wake of trouble
I wish you wary on your way
I wish you on the waves out of trouble
Don’t sail me to Hell, at least not today

Words and bob投注平台 by bob投注平台
Electric guitar and vocals dB/

There is no beatboxing nor drum nor bass in this version.