Google Science Dot Com

The web domain is set to become a repository for terabytes of open-source scientific data. It’s like a billion-fold expansion of the virtual GDrive available to GMail users with a neat little hack. According to sources, “The storage will be free to scientists and access to the data will be free for all.”

Apparently, Palimpsest (project codename) was actually previewed at the Googleplex Science Foo camp in August 2007 but, according to Wired magazine, has actually missed its original launch date this week. The Google graphic associated with the project appears to have a charicature of Einstein in the oo and an =mc2 after the e, but that’s just a little injoke. Ha Ha.

Two data sets that will sit nicely in the storage space are Hubble Space Telescope data and images from the Archimedes Palimpsest, the 10th century manuscript that inspired the Google dataset storage project in the first place, says Wired.

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