Got the guts to be an organ donor? #EveryLittleBitHelps

It hasn’t been hard graft so far, but should we stem the tide of organ donor slogans on Twitter? I think not. Keep ’em coming. No donation too small, no organ refused. Help someone liver little longer…wear your heart on your sleeve, even if we don’t see eye to eye, go on play a lung?

Tim Lihoreau has offered a dozen or so but worries that they’re now getting cornea, which is rich given “Guten Organ”…”Play the lung game”…and “Colon tight to your dreams”. Speaking of ELO, “Endow Liver, Organs”.

Have you got the guts to be an organ donor? It’s a no brainer, even for the spineless…it doesn’t entrail much effort. How about a “Cut out and keep” teeshirt?

In the end they will paraphrase Brucie…”Kidney do well!”

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