Here comes the flood

Peter Gabriel’s 1977 song Here Comes the Flood is, as far as I know, nothing to do with downpours, weather, or indeed floods. Rather the lyrics muse on the bizarre and fantastical notion of universal telepathy suddenly occurring across the human race and the devastation to us as individuals that would ensue with such an information and emotional overload. It’s almost as if the sledgehammer-wielding songmeister clambering up Solsbury Hill was predicting a future wherein we are all connected via some weird technological advance and able to see and hear everybody’s last inner thought and secret, see every sunset and salad they experience, and visualise a never-ending list of their first-world problems and gripes…sound familiar?

Anyway, I arranged and recorded a simple guitar-based cover of the song a few years ago, being, as you might say, a bit of a Gabrielesque acolyte, But, given the UK weather today, I thought I’d dig it out, remix it with some thunder and lightning and the odd raindrop and post it as a static Youtube clip on teh Youtubez. I haven’t even included the lyrics…you can find them yourself. But, do have a listen…

Author: bob投注平台

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